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Sheranne is the co-founder of The Locomotive Co. and a wellness advocate.

As someone who constantly moves from one place to the next, living life spontaneously, yoga has a special way of keeping Sheranne grounded. She first discovered yoga when she was living in LA after she had an invasive decompression surgery in her lower back. Whilst living and working in Hong Kong, her practice started to deepen due to the hectic nature of her work, and she was able to benefit from the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.

After traveling to India to get certified as a yoga teacher, Sheranne felt the need to create access for wellness within workplaces, and create an awareness for mental health. The Locomotive Co. was a result of this - marrying the different aspects of wellness from a body, mind and soul perspective and bringing them into organisations.

What Sheranne loves about teaching is seeing people from all walks of life come together to practice, with a common goal of wanting to make a change in their lives.



Juliette is the co-founder of The Locomotive Co. and a devoted yoga teacher, who has been immersed in the journey of self-development through yoga for years.

She finds in yoga a place of tranquility and safety, focusing in her classes on emotional relief and a balanced mind. She highly believes that mental health is a key factor to succeed personally and professionally. She is specialized in teaching classes for students that experience anxiety and stress.

She got certified as a yoga teacher in Costa Rica and participated in additional trainings after. Since then, she has been teaching with a passion focusing on guiding towards self-realization and healing.

Having worked in corporate companies, she knows the difficulties of staying healthy and taking time out of a busy schedule for your own wellbeing at the workplace. With The Locomotive Co., she enjoys supporting in this essential task of integrating wellness into organizations.



Over the last decade, Stephanie has immersed herself in different aspects that comprise the field of health and wellness. Her studies in Elemental Yoga Therapy of which she now teaches as a passion; and the more intangible, Osho-inspired active meditations.

Meditation came into Stephanie's life at an opportune time. She joined a meditation community in Singapore, Singa Satsanga, and since then the meditation community has become a staple, grounding part of her life. Her experience allowed her to realise the importance of not just physical health, but also mental health.

Stephanie's realisation is that meditation is for everyone, and no matter your background and experience, we all have our own unique ways to finding our center, the eye of our storm.


yin ling

Yin Ling is one of Singapore’s leading Sound and Wellness experts with a particular focus on Sound Healing, Feminine Empowerment, Retreats, and Training.

She is the founder of the thriving conscious community Urban Spirit started in 2016 and has been featured in The New York Times Style Singapore Magazine, as a speaker at Green is the New Black Festival, Bali Spirit Fest, BOOM Festival Portugal.

She is known in particular for her enthralling voice and her ability to weave transformational experiences for diverse groups.



As an ex-athlete, qualified Psychologist and passionate Life Coach, Beata lives to make change happen, and helps others find their own way of managing life’s challenges. Beata listens well and people value her intuitive approach and progressive attitude. Always full of energy and living the healthy lifestyle. 

She guides your mind to work together with your body, be synchronized despite the tiredness, pain, limitations or everyday life excuses. Using practical psychology and coaching tools, your self-improvement journey will be much more likeable and satisfying.


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